Celebrating South Hyatt & Horton Ave

500 Horton Ave

The Lyons Home

Diana Begley Interiors

Diana Begley Interiors

kinbeg@gmail.com  c: 937-974-3986

Home History
  • In 1875, when the land on which this home sits was annexed to Tipp City, the property was believed to have been owned by A.J. Kaufman and was later sold to C. Honeyman
  • The vernacular stucco home with a Spanish flavored arched and covered veranda was built in 1930 by Henry Keyton
  • It was sold in 1935 to P.W. and Cleo Wampler, who ran a plumbing business from the garage until buying a building in downtown Tipp City. Their plumbing business remained in the Wampler family for many years.
  • The Lyons family was attracted to the home six years ago by the porch and by the large magnolia tree
  • The house also has a sunroom, hardwood floors, and original plaster and lathe walls
  • What the owners like best is the location—close to schools, the library, parks, and downtown

510 Horton Ave

The Jones Home

Cini Geist Interiors
Home History
  • In 1850, a large parcel of land was owned by Francis H. Horton, the namesake of the street
  • It was annexed into Tipp City in 1875, and, in 1919, the land was divided into 15 lots and developed by Miami County Lumber Co.
  • The home was owned by Fieldon Clevinger from the time it was built in 1920 until 2002, when it was sold to Michael Monnin
  • The Joneses purchased this one-story wood cottage with a great front porch in 2013
  • They love their wonderful neighbors and also being able to walk to restaurants, shops, the library, and, of course, to the fun events downtown
  • They have furnished the home with an eclectic style of old and new, with a focus on family memorabilia

307 S Hyatt Street

The Skinner Home

Martha Mellon, Designer

Home Comfort Gallery, Troy


Home History
  • As with several other houses on this side of Hyatt Street, this house was built on land owned in the 1800’s by William Ashworth, who lived in the Gothic-style home to the north
  • In 1974, local builder Tommy Thompson built this home for Arthur and Sally Arestad
  • Current owner is Kathryn Skinner, a daughter of the Arestads, who has been working to update the mid-century ranch
  • Please note the kitchen and the enclosed patio, as well as the landscaping in the backyard, some of Kathryn’s projects

325 S Hyatt Street

The Miller Home

Jon Blunt, Designer

Luken Interiors
2272 W. Schantz Ave.
Dayton, OH 45409
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Fax (937) 299-9911

Home History
  • Ownership of this land has passed through many families with names familiar to Tipp City residents: from Francis Horton (who owned the land in 1850) to T.W. Ashworth (1894), to Edward Timmer (1950), to his daughter Helen, to the Allens (1990), to Donald Ochs, to the Huffmans, to the Hodges, to the current owners, the Millers
  • The last great woods in Tipp City, besides the Tipp City park, became the site for this traditional colonial home, which was completed in 1995 by Donald Ochs, a former Tipp City Council member and mayor
  • The house has over 6,900 square feet on nearly an acre of land includes an in-ground swimming pool
  • The Millers say they were first attracted to the home by its curb appeal and its location, and they love having a home that accommodates their large family

405 S Hyatt Street

The Allen Home

Molly Williams, Designer

Ivy Designs  c:937-239-5043

Home History
  • In 1987, the Allens purchased land from Helen Timmer’s estate, from the Timmer home at 407 S. Hyatt to Wunderwood Drive on the north
  • They subsequently sold all but the land for their home
  • The Allens built their home in 1988 in a design similar to a house they had seen in Nashville, Tennessee
  • When a walnut tree needed to be removed to accommodate the house, the wood was milled for use as the cove molding, baseboard, and window and door trim in the living and dining rooms and in the foyer
  • The woodwork in the family room was taken from a farmhouse in Tipp City, and the stair rail is from an old home in Cincinnati
  • The Allens have enjoyed the location for not only being walking distance to both downtown and to shopping, but especially for living next door to their daughter and her family

407 S Hyatt Street

The Schinaman Home

Sharon Bledsoe, Designer

Sharon Bledsoe Designs  c: 937-572-2838

Home History
  • This home was built by Edward Timmer in 1950 for his daughter Helen, who retained a swatch of property to the north for its large trees and squirrel population
  • The Schinamans are the fourth owners of the home, and they were first attracted to this site because Mrs. Schinaman’s parents live in the house next door
  • they like having a combined two-and-a-half-acre lot for both homes with mature trees
  • In 1988 the house was purchased by Carol Graf; in 2011 it was sold to the Medears, and the Schinamans purchased it in 2014
  • The home underwent extensive renovation in 2000, including an updated kitchen and the addition of a master bedroom and a swimming pool
  • The current owners are in the machine tool business; hence, the industrial décor

431 S Hyatt Street

The Rodenberg Home

Randy Luken, Designer

Luken Interiors
2272 W. Schantz Ave.
Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 299-7556
Fax (937) 299-9911

Home History
  • The Rodenbergs have lived in this home for less than one year, but they have a long family history here
  • Rodenberg’s grandparents, Ralph and Nell Rodenberg, were the original owners, having built the stone and wood siding house in 1951. They were the owners of The Decorator Store on Main St. near the railroad tracks
  • Ralph and Nell bought the property from Edward Timmer, who had purchased it from T.W. Ashworth
  • The home passed to son Bill Rodenberg in 1998, and it was sold first to Trace and Cora Moore and then to the Caldwells
  • The Moores built the current garage, and the original garage was converted to a master bedroom suite
  • The Rodenbergs like their location in relation to downtown, their neighborhood, and the large yard

404 S Hyatt Street

The Roemke Home

Lori Wilke, Designer

Luken Interiors
2272 W. Schantz Ave.
Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 299-7556
Fax (937) 299-9911

Home History
  • This home was built in the 1860’s as a brick farm house
  • It is said that the outhouse on the property is original to the home
  • From 1930 to 1060, the house was owned by Harold and Irene Kaufman
  • Ownership passed on to others, who did extensive renovation before the home was sold eleven years ago to Mary Roemke
  • The current owner was attracted to the home because it was move-in ready but retained much of the charm of an older home
  • It’s interesting to note that the landscape rock came from the yard, but two bobcat buckets were broken during its removal

Our sincere thank you to the Homeowners who have made a generous contribution to support the Non-Profit entities in our Community.  YOU are what makes our town great!